Guardians 2024 Instructions

Scholarly Publishing

Guardians annual conferences on reproducibility, validity, and integrity serve as an example context for the continuing development of the NPDS Cyberinfrastructure with PDP-DREAM Software and the PORTAL-DOORS Project with application to scholarly research publications and communications. Relevant background references include:

Our content management system will remain under continuous development as we build it on the foundation of the NPDS Cyberinfrastructure for use publishing scholarly research reports. If you encounter any bugs in our software, or would like to contribute suggestions, you may report them to Carl Taswell or Adam Craig. Of course, please also contact us for any questions about the Guardians 2024 Conference.

User Accounts

Research scholars who wish to participate in Guardians 2024 as either authors or reviewers should register a user account at All registered user accounts are assigned user aliases with random alphanumeric characters for the coded alias. Authors and reviewers remain de-identified during the manuscript review process. Note that user accounts are NOT shared between those for and those for If you wish to participate in online activities at both sites, then you should register a user account at each. Those at will be de-identified and aliased by default, whereas those at will not. Instead, at, users may choose their own alias with a preferred "display name" aka "screen name".

Author Reports
Reviewer Discussions
Mentor Nominations

Guardians 2024 will offer cash prizes of $3000 for best papers by students in each of the 3 award categories:

For eligibility to compete in the student best-paper competitions, the first (or only) author of the submitted manuscript must be matriculated in a degree-granting educational program, and the manuscript must be accompanied by a letter from the student's mentor attesting to the student's authorship or co-authorship role for both the research conducted and the manuscript written. Additional instructions will be available soon for mentors to submit nominations.

Important Dates